Top 3 Reasons to Market your Brand in Public Schools

Top 3 Reasons to Market Your Brand in Public Schools

Imagine having the ability to create a life-long customer, building that relationship over time, starting from when that consumer was still in grade school. The loyalty and lifetime value of just that one consumer could potentially be quite significant.

Perhaps you could even build that bond with hundreds or even thousands of young consumers with the added bonus of a built-in feel-good factor: helping students get the education they deserve.  That opportunity now exists by simply helping your brand become a school sponsor.

Why Consider School Advertising?

You have the ability to advertise just about anywhere these days from billboards to social media. But how many of those opportunities offer highly specific target audience data, the potential to create lifelong customers and the chance to help students reach their potential? The answer? Just one—becoming a school sponsor brand.

Check out the top three reasons to consider marketing your brand in public schools:

Targeting Consumer Base: In Jefferson County Public School District just outside of Denver, Colorado, 85,000 students took home report cards with an ad from the college-savings program CollegeInvest, and they will continue to do so for the next three years. Talk about a target audience!

No matter your product or service, chances are one of your buyer personas is alive and well in a public school system throughout the U.S., and school sponsorship is the perfect way to reach them. Sponsorship gives your brand a scalable opportunity to grow your brand while penetrating the K-12 marketplace ripe with student and parent consumers.

Because the school environments are controlled, your brand will be in the spotlight without the clutter of traditional advertising outlets. This newfound attention can help you reach not only students, but teachers and parents, as well.

Developing Lifelong Relationships with Young Consumers: The drugstore giant CVS recently promoted its flu shot campaign in both Virginia and Florida schools with colorful signs at football games. But the brand didn’t stop there; it had CVS branding at school entrances and placed ads in district e-newsletters, directly reaching thousands of validated emails.

You know a flu shot is recommended once a year—if CVS earns the trust of those districts, there is a strong potential mothers will continue to take their children to CVS for their flu shots every single year—and it is highly likely those children will, in turn, continue to get their flu shots at a CVS location as they grow and have families of their own.

However, CVS offers much more than flu shots. Now, because they have built brand loyalty from a young age, students from Virginia and Florida may make CVS their first stop for other prescriptions, office supplies, greeting cards and other everyday needs.

Helping Students Receive the Education They Deserve: According to the Cone 2006 Millennial Cause Study, millennials are a civic-minded generation made up of 78 million consumers who want to make a difference in the world. Of this group, 78 percent believe that companies have a responsibility to join them in this effort. In fact, these millennials have expressed interested in rewarding (or punishing) companies based on their commitment to social causes.

School advertising helps your brand fill this social responsibility while helping students achieve a quality education and creating new customers in the process.


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