Why School Funding?

“Our budget was cut again!  I’d love to buy new computers for all of my students, but we don’t have any money. “I must have heard that exact same thing said to me from every school superintendent that I met with over the years in my role as a senior marketing and sales executive in the education technology industry.   For an educator to know that they can’t provide the necessary resources to improve the mandated educational outcomes of their students is the hardest thing that they have to deal with.  It is unconscionable to me that educators who got into teaching to impact student learning spend most of their time and efforts either trying to pass tax levies, or lamenting what resources to cut when they inevitably fail.

For more than thirty years I worked in corporate America for some of the largest computer companies in the industry.  Focusing on the education vertical, I spent day after day working in partnership with school districts to help implement technology learning initiatives.   I have a tremendous passion and respect for the educators who dedicate their lives to helping children achieve.   It’s heartbreaking to me that instead of focusing on educational outcomes, educators instead spend most of their time in budget crisis mode.  Schools are put in an incredibly tough position as government requirements such as “No Child Left Behind” are mandated and funding is cut.   The burden of school funding falls primarily on the local community.   When tax levies or bonds fail, which the majority do, schools are forced to cut teachers, programs, busing, and extracurricular activities.   Students suffer, and that isn’t OK with me !!!

After a whole lot of soul searching I decided that I needed to do something in my life and my career that had a direct social impact.   I know that as a parent I don’t want my three children going to a school without all of the necessary resources they need to succeed.  And as someone who has worked intimately with school districts for many years I wanted to find a way to help positively solve the funding crisis that every school faces.

Therefore, I decided to launch Hunter Education Capital.  Our mission is to connect schools and corporations to form mutually beneficial revenue producing partnerships.   I am able to leverage my thirty years of marketing experience, (having partnered directly with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world), and be able to deliver results to grateful school districts as we form corporate educational partnerships and open up additional and significant streams of revenue.  I sincerely believe that Hunter Education Capital has become the premiere agent for K12 alternative funding.  Each and every day I wake up now, I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed.   As I work with school districts to negotiate deals that bring maximum revenue for the naming rights to their athletic stadiums or gymnasiums, funding to support their STEM school, or sponsorship dollars so that they can afford to not have to cut busing, teachers, or other critical services I am able to feel such a passion and satisfaction for the good that I am helping to bring to that community.    Schools are realizing that they are able to leverage the assets that they already have by branding the district in education appropriate ways that they never thought possible.   Hunter Education Capital is able to help districts maximize those efforts without the district needing to dedicate additional personnel or time.  When schools no longer have to choose a lower quality of education by having less teachers and resources for their students, then my mission will have been a success!