Hunter Education Capital is the premier marketing agency connecting corporate marketers with K12 Education branding and sponsorship opportunities. We create unique and direct access to the elusive demographic of families with school children.

Specializing in Naming Rights Valuation for athletic and football stadiums, gymnasiums, arenas, and Performing Arts Centers.

** Customized programs for reaching school district families by providing access to in school branding, website and targeted newsletter marketing to verified email lists.

** Targeted demographic marketing through corporate partnership opportunities.

STEM Academy partnerships providing access to a pipeline of technology and engineering students and co-branding sponsorships.

Make your message stand out from the crowd with a sustainable impression.

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Marketing Platform

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With a growing database of over 6000 school districts nationwide who are eager to explore mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations, Hunter Education Capital is the premier agent for connecting your marketing dollars with these education opportunities enabling your company to get the highest return of investment for your advertising dollar with a very specifically targeted demographic.

Education Friendly Advertising

For companies looking to maximize the return on their advertising budget, the marketing landscape has become fragmented into an increasingly diverse array of categories such as television, radio, print, and digital categories such as mobile, display, video, social media, and search.   Each category features its own unique requirements for ad formats, management, and delivery.   This has made it extremely difficult for advertisers to plan and coordinate campaigns across the full spectrum of marketing opportunities.   There are simply too many advertising channels and interfaces in too many places to effectively guarantee a targeted message to a specific demographic.


Corporations partnering with school districts are guaranteed a captive audience in the extremely desirable demographic of families with school children.  By placing your message in athletic stadiums, libraries, computer labs, performing arts auditoriums and common areas, you can reach a whole new audience of consumers. More importantly, you will help schools invest in new education initiatives, all while helping your bottom line.

The time to invest in your future workforce is now. By working with Hunter Education Capital, you can guarantee that those who will be working and running your company in the near future will have the best possible education available, all while making your message visible to targeted community members.

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Hunter Education Capital works to create appropriate partnerships between schools and companies to provide funding for education. Whether you are a school looking for help with a new computer lab, or a company hoping to reach community members in a new way, we have your solution.

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