What does quality equal-opportunity education mean to you? To us, all students have the right to:

  • a rigorous core curriculum in a broad range of subject areas
  • well-trained teachers and sufficient educational resources
  • support by school and district leaders as well as the community of parents and businesses
  • preparation for success in today’s modern economy with 21st century skills

Education Friendly AdvertisingAs the economy continues to change, school funding must change, too. Every year, children view at least 40,000 ads per year on TV alone, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Advertising is not new to children, and schools can help students with critical learning skills by allowing tasteful branding opportunities within school property.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report of December, 2012, it was found that 86% of children are exposed to advertisements directly online and that in the latest review of the 200 most popular mobile apps marketed to or used by children, that 56% of these apps transmit data about child users to behind-the-scenes marketers and data analyzers. By combining a device ID with other information collected by these apps, these third party device analyzers are able to build comprehensive profiles for marketing purposes. The point is that this is no longer 1978 where parents were able to shield their children from any unwanted advertisements by simply getting up and turning one of the three television stations they may have been tuned to. Parents accept the fact that children are deluged with a world of marketing, and recent surveys indicate that 85% of parents supports sponsorships and 75% support naming rights if it helps to improve the quality of education.

With Hunter Education Capital, all school advertising is guaranteed simple, unobtrusive, education and family friendly, and you always have full control over which brands are seen by students. The district always has final approval on any campaign or partnership.   Plus, Hunter Education Capital manages the execution of sponsorship so educators can keep their focus on the students.

Instead of losing teachers, transportation, programs for the gifted or disabled, language programs, and the hope for an A+ school, contact Hunter Education Capital today and let us help you get the best resources for students that would otherwise be unavailable.