Branded Sponsorship: The Modern Alternative to Print Advertising

Consumers have become increasingly savvy over the past decade regarding their advertising preferences. Toll-free phone calls are screened and billboards are simply ignored as busy commuters organize hands-free conference calls on their way to work. But perhaps the advertising vertical that took the biggest hit over the past few years was print.

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Your buyers disregard direct mail, tossing it into the recycling bin without a second glance. Magazines have folded by the dozens, and newspapers are being delivered less often or canceled in favor of online news outlets. In fact, newspaper revenues from print advertising have declined from $44.9 billion in 2003 to $18.9 billion in 2012.

Marketers who want to reach consumers in their homes have likely experienced challenging times and will continue to do so. Because buyers have begun picking and choosing the advertisements they take in, now is the time to consider branded sponsorship.
What are some branded sponsorship opportunities?
Facility naming rights have expanded from a small, niche vertical of the advertising industry to an extremely valuable marketing tool for companies of almost any size across the country.
Imagine seeing your logo gracing the entrance of a hometown arena or atop a scoreboard where every one in that arena will be focusing their attention. Billboards no longer offer the advertising return on investment you may have been used to in the past; however, high school sports arenas offer the opportunity for advertisers like you to put your brand’s name in front of a captive audience.
In recent years, the opportunities for brands to advertise within schools and on school property have grown substantially and offered an alternative to dying print advertisement. Whether your target audience is millennials , stay at home moms or entire families, schools and their facilities are the perfect place for your advertising to not only be seen, but also noticed by your target audience.
Sport arena options for advertisers include:
• Media and print visibility
• Press box naming rights
• Main gate and ticket office naming rights
• Concession stand sponsorship
• Scoreboard sponsorship
• Field signage and logo
• Premier home seating sponsorship
• And much more!
Branded Sponsorships are Not Limited to Arenas and Stadiums.
Several other areas available for advertising can help your company create sustainable opportunities for engagement with young consumers, as well as a non-traditional revenue stream. School entryways, cafeteria and hallway walls, even locker wraps and school digital e-newsletters offer alternative places for brands to advertise to consumers with school age families. These advertising options engage consumers of all ages and offer a scalable opportunity to grow, especially in the millennial market—one of the most lucrative generations thus far.
Why take a chance on traditional print advertisements? Branded school sponsorship provides your company the platform for consistent messaging targeted to your audience—whether it be by age, location, venue or channel. With so few advertising options left where consumers of all ages will see your logo day in and day out, school sponsorship boosts your advertising impact and delivers results.
Join us next time as we discuss target audiences available to brands within schools and accompanying school venues. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities in your area, contact us today.