Who We Are

Hunter Education Capital, based in San Francisco, CA, serves as an agent for school districts and corporate sponsors to come together to provide education funding. Our goal is to improve the quality of education by creating and nurturing partnerships between corporate sponsors and public school districts across the United States.  Connecting schools and corporations to form mutually beneficial revenue producing partnerships. Hunter Education Capital is the premiere agent for K12 funding.

With over twenty two years of experience working hand in hand directly with Superintendents and school administrators helping to launch technology and curriculum initiatives and hearing over and over how budget limitations were severely impacting the quality of the education deliverable led to the formation of Hunter Education Capital. The guiding principal of this consultancy is to bring leading edge marketing sponsorships to schools and open doors for corporations with a database of eager school districts willing to partner.

When schools no longer have to choose a lower quality of education by having less teachers and resources for the students, then our mission will have been a success!

We help schools create new, reliable streams of revenue without taking their time or focus from what matters most: education. This funding can be invested in much needed technology, art programs or whatever your school needs. We make a promise that all sponsorships are kept out of the classroom and curricula, never disrupting learning or education. While schools receive the funding they so desperately need, corporations get a unique opportunity to reach students, parents, teachers and community members in a new way.

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